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Real Estate Tour Packages

Below are our tour packages, from "Just the PIctures" to the  "Top Flight" package which includes Drone Areal Photos.

Be sure to check out the Add-Ons below

Just the Pictures

$ 125.00

For the budget conscious professional who requires professional quality images.

Includes 25 professionally edited, full resolution images

Basic Tour - A/B

$ 150.00

Our most affordable Full Service Tour Package, offering you a list of desired features in our tours. There are 2 options to choose from. 

Option A

Panoramas of up to 4 rooms of your choice

10 Full Resolution Still Images

Option B

Up to 25 Full Resolution Still Images

Package Includes:

Client Portal

Custom Virtual Tour - Flash, HTML5, and Mobile

  • Company Branding

  • Link to Virtual Tour Gallery Enabled

  • Agent Pictures and Contact Information

  • Property Description Posted to Tour

  • Email Enabled for Online Sharing

  • Links Provided for Posting Tour to Your Website

  • Links Provided for Posting to Company Website

  • Image Delivery Engine - Download Stills

  • MLS Data Listed Within Virtual Tour

  • Music Provided for Tour

  • Free Co-Agent for the Tour

Classic Tour Package

$ 175.00

A successful Real Estate Executives' MUST-HAVE package to showcase the homes they have to offer their clients.

Package Includes:


  • Up to 25 Stills

  • 1-360° Panorama


All Features Included in the Basic Package PLUS:

Deluxe Tour Package

$ 225.00

Take your client experience to the next level and make your life easier with our LEAD GENERATION TOOLS.


Package includes:


  • Up to 45 Still Images

  • 3-360 ° Panoramas

All features included  in the Classic Package PLUS:

The Full House

$ 325.00

Kick up your marketing efforts with this modern, high-tech (yet simple) Real Estate Professionals dream. Don't worry, we handle most of the technical heavy lifting. This package has your modern clients in mind plus providing you with amazing tools to give them what they want.

Package Includes:


  • Up to 54 Images - Stills or Panorama

  • 5-360° Panoramas

All features included  in the Deluxe Package PLUS:

Top Flight

$ 425.00

You know your client wants all the bells and whistles. Excite them and yourself by investing in all that modern technology has to offer. Stand out and give the WOW experience you are striving for.

Raise your profile by adding drone photography to your listhings. Check out this article on CBS Moneywatch outlining 9 Ways Drones Are Changing Real Estate

Package Includes:


  • Up to 54 Images - Stills or Panorama

  • 5-360° Panoramas


All features included  in The Full House Package PLUS:


  • Up to 6 Aerial Drone Images

We know what you are thinking. You have been looking around the site, and have seen backgrounds and information about our Aerial Drone photography. Yes! We are offering Professional, Drone Video and PHotography. We have FAA Certified, Part 107 Pilot and photographer. Bring your agency to the top tier of real estate marketing with our great drone footage and photos.

If you are not ordering one of our professional virtual tours, the Aerial Drone Tour Package may be just what you are looking for.

Or , you may want to purchase one of the Drone Add-On packages, listed in our tour add-ons below.


Aerial Drone Tours

Our new Aerial Drone Virtual Tour Packages are perfect for those of you looking to market a property using only aerial stills and video footage.  We will take your aerial stills and video clips and incorporate them into an interactive virtual tour just like we do with our professional photography packages. Choose one of our two packages below depending on your needs.

Highlights Aerial Drone Tour

Up to 10 Aerial / Drone Still Photos (No Video)

Premier Aerial Drone Tour

Up to 3 Minutes of Aerial Drone Video and up to 20 Aerial Still Videos

Package Includes:


  • Client Portal

  • Company Branding

  • MyGallery

  • Agent Pictures and Contact Information

  • Property Description Posted to Tour

  • Social Bookmarking Enabled

  • Email Enabled for Online Sharing

  • Links Provided for Posting Tour to Your Reports

  • Lead Generation - Tour Vibes - Like w/Comments

  • Lead Generation - Follow This Tour / Lead Grabber

$ 250.00

$ 295.00

Tour Add-Ons

Your Tour

Your Way


Shuttermaster's AstroZoom feature is the most amazing feature that we’ve come up with yet. Now for only $25.00 we’ll make a custom video production that will slowly zoom in on your property from space. 

$ 25.00

Astro Zoom

Add-On Aerial Drone Packages

Add this to any of the packages available. Take your listing to the next step, by choosing one of our two Add-On Aerial Drone Marketing Packages to go along with your professional photography and virtual tour order.

Your aerial drone video footage and still images will be edited and incorporated into your Shuttermaster virtual tour. Our images and video footage will be given to you to use on other websites and the MLS.

FAA Certified Part 107 Pilot

Fully Insured

Abridged Aerial Add-On

  • Up to 6 Aerial / Drone Still Photos

  • Up to 1 Minute Post Processed and Optimized Video


Extended Aerial Add-On

  • Up to 20 Aerial / Drone Still Photos

  • Up to 3 Minute Post Processed and Optimized Video

$ 150.00

$ 259.00

3D Virtual Reality Headset Tour ¹

Now you easily upgrade any of your virtual tour packages that come with panoramas so they are virtual reality (VR) enabled and can be viewed using any regular VR headset!

Virtual Reality or “VR” is the next evolution in virtual tour technology and we are proud to keep you ahead of the curve here at Shuttermaster by offering this exciting, cutting edge service!

When you order our 3D VR Headset Tour as an upgrade to any of your virtual tour productions, you will love being able to show potential home buyers your online tours directly from your office before going to visit homes in person. This is a unique product that will undoubtedly set you apart from your competition. If you have not yet seen a Shuttermaster virtual tour via VR Headset please contact us for an on-site presentation. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed!


  • Show Only Specific Areas of a Property

  • Gallery Navigation Enabled

  • Utilizes 360 Degree Spherical Panoramas

  • Features Up to 15 Spherical Panoramas

  • Linked Directly to Existing Fusion Tours


  • Allow Viewer to Virtually "Walk through" Property

  • Gallery Navigation Enabled

  • Hot Spot Navigation Enabled

  • Utilizes 360 Degree Spherical Panoramas

  • Features Up to 25 Spherical Panoramas

  • Linked Directly to Existing Fusion Tours

For Larger 3D Tours, Contact us for pricing.

Or  Call Us Now!904-417-8645

¹ This product requires 360° panoramas. Depending on the number of rooms you want, and which  package you purchase, you  may need to add extra 360° Panoramas

$ 50.00

$ 95.00

Agent Video Introduction

$ 50.00

Say Hello With Video!

Video introductions are a great way for you say hello to online shoppers looking at your listings and make a special connection like never before. Harness the power of Shuttermaster's interactive virtual tours with full motion video to personalize each of your listings.

We can tape it while at the photo shoot at the listing, or at a location of your choice.

Virtual Tour Narration

The Shuttermaster voiceover system is a great way to personalize and narrate your online productions.

We offer two options for our presentation voiceover services:

Agent Personalized Narration

If you would like to add the ultimate personalization to your productions this is the solution for you. Through your Shuttermaster Portal, you will be able to record your own voice over for each scene.

Contact us, and we will come out and get you set up, and show you how to do the narration from the comfort of your office, or any location you prefer (Internet access necessary to utilize the portal).

You will be able to play it back, and if you don't like it, you can re-record at your convenience

Audio Pal Narration

Our new AudioPal feature allows you to send us your presentation script and we’ll have one of our natural sounding male or female voices narrate your interactive virtual tour for you. Our text-to-speech professionals are quite amazing! Choose your text-to-speech-professional here and let us know who you would like to narrate your production.

$ 60.00

$ 30.00

Night Shots

$ 85.00

Night, twilight and sunset photographs really make a listing stand apart from others on the market. Homes look better in the evening and have a warming glow to them. They are especially appealing if the house has evening lighting. 

A twilight image of a home can really help viewers take that second look to see more of a home inside as well. If the outside is more appealing then they will have more curiosity to look at the other parts of the home.

Private Tour

$ 20.00

Exclusive Tour

You may have a situation where you or the client does not want pictures and videos displayed on the internet for just anyone to see. By enabling the Private Tour feature in your Shuttermaster Portal, virtual tour viewers will be prompted to input the password before gaining access. Your contact information will appear and the visitor will be required to reach out to you for access.

Lead Generator
The above points out that this can also serve as a lead generation tool. While fulfilling the need for some 'privacy', you will also gather leads of people searching for homes to purchase.

Neighborhood Shots


Neighborhood shots are a popular addition, particularly for neighborhoods with amenities such as pools, tennis courts, and club houses. ​This add-on package provides up to 6 shots of the neighborhood.

Additional Photography

Need more photos than provided by the package? We will add a 5 pack of photos at $3.00 each. This offers more opportunity to customize packages to your needs.

5 Additional Still Images

Additional Panorama - Each

Additional 360 Spherical Panorama - Each

$15.00/Pkg 5




Single Property Web Site

$ 25.00

Shuttermaster's single property website option provides an address-specific domain name for your virtual tour listing. Single property websites, also referred to as individual property websites or property-specific single property website sites, are a very useful tool when marketing a home online. The unique domain name is simply the property address—when typed into a web browser, it instantly pulls up that specific property details page or virtual tour. The choice is yours.

Once the single property website is up and registered, the real estate agent can place the domain name in a newspaper, magazine, or even on the rider sign, where many passersby can easily jot it down to look up later. Your virtual tour traffic reports will reveal how many hits to your virtual tour are coming from your single property website.

Virtual Staging

Per Scene/Room

$ 45.00

All realtors know that staging a home makes a big difference in the appeal to the client, and improves the timeline of the sale. It's hard to clients to visualize the potential of an empty house. 

Our virtual staging technology offers the view to your clients of a home with furniture, at a substantial cost savings over physical staging. The virtual staging offers the agents a savings and very likely a shortened sale time.

With our staging software, we can add designer couches, tables, rugs, lamps, TV's, draperies and many other furniture items to make the home look fully furnished and more appealing.

In today's world, most folks looking for a new home search the internet first. You can put your listings at the top of the list by having beautifully decorated professional photos to capture their attention. The 'curb appeal', so to speak, of the staged home on the internet will motivate the viewer to take it to the next step and contact you for a showing.

By the way, our staging software is not only for empty rooms. We can move existing furniture out of a room and stage it to show it at its best advantage


CD of Images

$ 10.00

Call Us Now! (904) 417-8645